Our Philosophy

Our philosophy places a strong emphasis on play-based learning, providing our children with a foundation that guides their educational growth and forms the basis for lifelong learning.

Our values and beliefs align with a Play-Based Curriculum focusing on promoting natural elements, play theory and Reggio inspired practices using an Emergent style approach.

Our experienced Educators allow each child to reach their full potential by challenging and enhancing their learning environment. Our Educators use Pedagogy to actively engage children in play and learning opportunities that provoke their thoughts, discussions, questions, emerging interests, creativity, and ideas.


The early years of a child’s life is a time of incredible growth and opportunity. It is important that we, as Educators, begin to build and foster a foundation of learning and independence that helps assist the child to become a capable and confident lifelong learner.


Our children gain knowledge through awareness, familiarity or understanding of someone or something, which is acquired through play-based learning by perceiving, discovering, or learning.


Every child is unique and has the own thoughts and questions. Children should be encouraged to follow their own inquisitive nature and to collaborate together on this progressive journey.


Our Educators are responsive to children and their changing needs, interests and abilities. Our learning environments invite experiences, interactions, risk taking, discovery, connections to nature, conversations, play and collaboration.


The dragonfly is an elegant and graceful insect, characterised by two pairs of strong and transparent wings. These wings are truly remarkable, allowing the dragonfly to soar effortlessly to great heights symbolising your child’s learning journey with us at Okinja Early Learning Centre.


We aim to build environmental awareness in children by adopting sustainable practices at our centre and building a love of the environment within our community.

Why Okinja?

Our Program

Our curriculum follows the Early Years Learning Framework with a focus on being, belonging and becoming. We believe that learning is a journey, and work with each child at their own pace.

Our program is play-based, making it fun and engaging for children. Our curriculum focuses on building a strong sense of identity by providing a safe environment where children can learn and grow.

Teacher helping the kids - Okinja ELC

Devoted Educators

Our program is delivered by a team of devoted, loving educators who are passionate about encouraging, extending and enhancing children’s skills.

Our educators are enthusiastic about the industry they work in, value and respect their peers and work as a team.
We believe in supporting our team to grow by encouraging continuous improvement through professional development.

Learning made fun - Okinja Early Learning Buderim

Indoor Environments

Our state-of-the-art, purpose built centre is equipped with modern resources and includes spacious, indoor rooms for each age group. All of our indoor environments are air conditioned for the comfort of children and staff.
Smiling Girl at school - Okinja Early Learning

Outdoor Environments

We believe that outdoor play is essential for child development and our centre features large, shaded outdoor play areas filled with natural and sustainable play equipment.
Children playing at the garden - Okinja ELC Maroochydore