Conveniently situated only nine-minutes away from Maroochydore, our childcare centre is a haven for children and parents. Okinja Early Learning Centre and Kindergarten is nestled near the Alex Forest Bushland Park and the serene shores of the beach. We provide superb service that you can trust.

Our natural outdoor environment is filled with sustainable play equipment. When you visit us you will see our exquisite handcrafted timber dragonfly that landed in our children’s playground. Like the strong wings of a dragonfly, we want to help your child’s journey through life. Maroochydore residents are always welcome to tour our centre.

With our dedicated and experienced educators, your child is in safe hands. However, we understand that providing the best quality care involves working collaboratively with you. No matter how experienced and passionate our educators are, your hands are where your child feels the safest. We embrace, not ignore this, and promise to respect your decisions and rights as your child’s first educator.

Children playing at the garden - Okinja ELC Maroochydore
Kids and Teacher playing puzzle - Okinja ELC Maroochydore

Okinja, is unlike most Maroochydore childcare centres as it is completely surrounded by nature. Early exposure to natural surroundings builds environmental awareness and encourages your child to explore. As a bonus, it also enhances our established outdoor play areas. Because outdoor play is essential for development, we believe in making our outdoor spaces as beautiful and interesting as possible. That way, there are no excuses to stay indoors!

Okinja’s environment and educators work together to support play-based learning. We use play-based learning to help children grow into lifelong learners. As lifelong learners, your children will grow into successful young people! Because the first five years of a child’s life is where change and growth happen faster, play-based learning will make those five years count.

Only 9 Minutes from Maroochydore

Like our dragonfly, your child will be landing in an environment that welcomes them. Okinja Early Learning Centre and Kindergarten has its roots in Alexandra Headlands but welcomes saplings from anywhere. If you live in Mooloolaba, Cotton Tree or Maroochydore, and require childcare, contact us today to begin your child’s learning journey!